Teardrop Campers

In addition to outfitting River Surfers at the Bend Whitewater Park we also build custom Teardrop Campers. Our 2017 custom made 5’x8′ Teardrop Trailers come with queen sized bed in the cabin and pop up galley kitchen in the rear. They weigh less than 1,000 lbs and can be towed by almost any vehicle with a hitch. Very easy to tow and back up, they actually can even be moved by hand into tight spaces regular trailers would never fit.

Available for rent they come equipped with a portable stove, folding table, camp chairs, pots, pans, kitchen utensils etc… just bring some snacks, firewood and a sleeping bag and your good to go! Since we are located in Bend, upon pickup you’re minutes from all the beautiful rivers, lakes and wild spaces Central Oregon has to offer. As avid outdoorsy people we are more than eager point you in the right direction with insider tips on where to camp and what to do. 

Follow the link below to reserve yours today: Teardrop Reservation

More info at Bend Teardrop