If you value your fiberglass or epoxy short board and you’ve never surfed a river before DON’T take it to The Green Wave. It will get damaged guaranteed! Instead rent from us. We have the best high performance hard foamies for rent that are shaped for The Wave at The Bend Whitewater Park and built to take a beating. All our rentals are for 24 hours so you can get at least 2 sessions in on one rental. Forgot your wetsuit, booties, gloves, etc..? We got you covered there as well:

River Surf Board $45 24/hrs

Wetsuits $45 24/hrs

Board and Wetsuit $85 24/hr (booties included)

Wetsuit tops for $20/day

Booties $5/day

Gloves $5/day

Hoods $5/day

Body Boards $35/day