What is River Surfing?

River Surfing is just that, surfing on the river. Surfers find a standing wave and drop in facing the board upstream using the gravity of the wave slope and the flow of the river to carve out turns. Surf-able waves however are quite rare. They can be found on just about any river or stream but it takes just the right combination of river bottom shape, water flow and depth to create a ride-able standing wave. Lunch counter near Jackson, Wyoming is probably the most famous naturally occurring surf-able wave in the U.S. but it is a rare gem indeed. Luckily technology has provided us way to shape the river as we see fit. Over the past few years Whitewater parks are popping up in cities across the nation engineering epic surf breaks thousands of miles from the nearest ocean. It is an exciting time for the geographically challenged inlander who still feels the call of the surf. Check out some of these man-made breaks throughout the nation:

Reno, Nevada: Truckee Whitewater Park, Truckee River
Pueblo, Colorado
Boise, Idaho: Boise River Whitewater Park
Cascade, Idaho: Kelly’s Whitewater Park
Missoula, Montana: Brennan’s Wave, Clark Fork River
Bend, Oregon: Bend Whitewater Park

What type of gear do I need to River Surf?

The overall equipment required to surf the river is basically the same as ocean surfing. You need a board, wetsuit, booties, positive attitude etc… That being said river waves can be a challenge for ocean surfers. It’s almost the polar opposite of ocean surfing. You’re going upstream and going nowhere. Nothing is pushing you along it’s more of a balancing act if anything. River Surfing requires a large amount keel awareness to stay in the pocket. The waves are also typically smaller in size so shorter boards are a must. I prefer a thicker, rounder “fish” style shape with a skatey twin fin or quad fin setup. This of course personal preference and every river wave is unique. When it comes to picking the right board for you talk to the local shops and shapers near the wave you want to surf.

Probably the best thing about River Surfing at least out here at The Bend Whitewater Park is the vibe. Unlike some ocean surfing spots the crowds at The Green Wave are welcoming, encouraging and friendly. Nobody’s drops in and the attitude is always positive. You’re also not at the whim of wind, tide and swell conditions, man made river waves are pretty consistent.

Where do I find surf-able river waves?

There are natural river waves all across the United States. Over the past few years man made whitewater parks have been built in several river towns. Boise Idaho, Cascade Idaho, Pueblo Colorado, Missoula Montana, Reno Nevada and Bend Oregon all have surf-able man made waves.

How do I learn to surf the river?

Any town with a good river wave should have at least one surf shop that can provide all the river surf equipment and instruction you will need to surf the river.

How much does river surfing cost?

When first starting out it’s always a good idea to rent your surf gear and try out the sport before you commit to buying your own equipment. Once you’ve got the surf bug a complete setup for your own river surf board, wetsuit, booties, helmet and life jacket should cost anywhere from $500-$1,000. But once you’ve purchased your gear river surfing is free.

What is the best time of year to surf the river?

Typically the more water flowing down the river the bigger and stronger the waves will be. But every river wave responds differently to river flow. River flows are effected by dams, irrigation, snow-pack and temperature changes. As a general rule the first few months of spring after a warming trend will provide the most CFS (cubic feet per second) which translates to the strongest flow of water down the river. If you are lucky enough to live by a man made wave with underwater pneumatic bladders like we have here at the Bend Whitewater Park professional wave shapers can manipulate the flow to make great surf waves year round.

Is river surfing dangerous?

Like any sport on the river, water safety should be a top priority. As long as you take the proper precautions river surfing is a fun and safe sport. Check with your local river surf shop to rent or purchase life jackets, helmets, wetsuits, booties and anything else to make your river surfing experience fun and accident free.

What kind of surf board do I need to surf the river?

A Foam Surfboard is a good idea at first since it’s softer when you crash and less prone to get damaged on river rocks in shallow water. The new generation of “Foamies” are stiff and built to take a beating. Here at The Bend Whitewater Park boards in the 4’8″-5’7″ range seem to work best. Shape, volume, rocker and fins are all debatable. Once again talk to a local shop or shaper for wave specific recommendations based on your size and surf style. As you progress in skill you may want move on to a professionally shaped custom river board with your ideal shape and fin setup.

What thickness of wetsuit do I need to surf the river?

Check on your local River’s average temperature as they vary throughout the year. Unlike ocean surfers who spend the whole session in the water, river surfers spend time on the shore or half submerged. Keeping that in mind I would recommend going a bit lighter on thickness so your not sweating on the shore waiting for your turn. Recommend wetsuit thickness chart based on river temperature: 62°- 68° 2mm-3/2mm, 58°- 63° 3/2mm-4/3mm, 52°- 58° 4/3mm-5/4mm, 43°- 52° 5/4mm-5/4/3mm, 42° and below 6/5mm-6/5/4mm.

Do I need more then just a wetsuit and surf board to surf the river?

I highly recommend booties for warmth and to protect your feet from river rocks and debris. A neoprene hood and gloves will also provide comfort and cold days. River waves also tend to be in shallow water, a helmet and life jacket are strongly advised as well. All these items can be rented or purchased at your local river surf shop.

lunch 3lunch 2

Lunch Counter – Jackson, Wy

waimeawaimea 2

Waimea River – Oahu, Hi

boise 3boise 2

Boise Whitewater Park – Boise, Id

pueblo 2pueblo

Whitewater Park – Pueblo, Co

brennans 3brennansBrennan’s Wave – Missoula, Mt