Winter Flows

Good news here at the Bend Whitewater Park! Eight Central Oregon irrigation districts said today they have agreed to modified Wickiup Reservoir winter operations to ensure Deschutes River flows below Wickiup Dam don’t drop below 175 cubic feet per second through the winter.

What does this mean? It means River Surfs are on all Winter at The Bend Whitewater Park. 2017 is shaping up to be our first full year of Surfing in Bend since The Water Parks construction. This is also good news for fish and wildlife on the Deschutes that can get stranded at low Winter flows.

Currently flows through the park are at 650cfs and climbing do to the recent warm up. The current wave configuration greens out nicely between 500-1000cfs. At 500cfs it can be a bit on the shallow side but the wave greens out all the way across. Water temps are in the mid 40s so full suit 5/4+ is recommended and fall shallow (think Surfing over a reef). We’re around all Winter long by appointment so feel free to hit us up for replacement fins, wax, leashes etc…