Prime Flow

If you checked out The Bend Whitewater Park River Wave over the lat few days you were sure to notice the white crumbly mass ideal for kayakers but less than prime for surfers. As a result of our epic Winter snow pack heavy Spring melts pushed a ton of water through the park topping off at almost 1,500 cfs. Our steep little wave became a “long-boardable” pile, although is was garbled it was pretty rad watching guys get after it on boards over 6 feet. Now at 1,200 cfs and dropping the Surf Wave is greening out nicely. Seems like 1,000-1,200 cfs is the sweet spot for the new configuration so far but we have yet to see the lows flows of late Summer. Whatever the future holds we can always count on Ryan, our resident Wave Shaper Extraordinaire to tweak the bladders for the optimal shape conditions allow. As always check the Cams and the Flow Gage for the latest conditions, see you on the water.