Wave Repairs 

Bend Parks and Rec and the wave engineers have begun the initial process of revamping the Bend Whitewater Park. Repairs will take place over the next few months (November, December) during the low flow season. Aside from the smoothing and deepening of the passageway channel The Green Surf Wave is set for some pretty exciting modifications. Our new wave will be wider and slightly less step making it more user friendly. The widening of the wave will connect the green face to the break walls on the river right side vastly improving regular foot drop ins. The tapered angle should deepen the position of the foils under the wave improving safety while extending the lifespan of your fins. And lastly reinforced break walls above and bellow the surf wave should permanently set the eddies for a nice rip back to the wave line while improving tail water control in the hopes of running both The Green Wave and Crickets (the kayak feature bellow) simultaneously. River surfs in Bend should be back online by early Spring at the latest and River Surf Co we’ll be ready to outfit with rentals, demos and the latest River Surf gear.