Bend Whitewater Park 3.0

The high flows we received through the Bend Whitewater Park in early August washed away the sandbags that created the back eddies and tail waters bellow the surf wave. As a result of the washout Bend Parks shut down the “Green” surf wave at the Whitewater Park with plans for permanent modifications during low water season in late Fall early Winter. This news was a bit of a disappointment for River Surfers in Bend but it does come with a silver lining, next year the park will be even better. Here’s the planned renovations:

1. Widening the green section of the wave to span all the way across the channel.

2. Back eddies will be improved on both sides to recirculate surfers back to the wave with minimal paddling.

3. Tail waters behind the wave shall be tailored to make the kayak feature bellow the wave deeper and safer.

4. The wave face will be tapered back slightly to a friendlier less steep feature.

Whitewater parks are not an exact science it’s almost impossible to tell how modifications will go until we implement them. That being said the Bend Whitewater Park is getting better and better with each tweak and it’s exciting to see what comes of the latest improvements. It was a great season for River Surfing in Bend and it’s safe to say we have a vibrant River Surf Community out here in Central Oregon. We at River Surf Co thank you for all your support this year and look forward to seeing you all next year!