Wave Status 

Our resident wave shaper Ryan Richard along with the Coloradoan builders of the Bend Whitewater Park (Otak) are hard at work analyzing and experimenting with the whitewater channel today in hopes of finding an immediate and perminant solution to keep the surf wave green, the adjacent eddies functional and the kayak hole bellow deep and playable. As of now no timeline is in place to know when the surf wave will return to the park but Bend Parks is making it the top priority. 

Whitewater parks are not an exact science, especially ones with surfable waves. There are literally hundreds of variables when it comes to preserving wildlife, safety and functionality to all three channels and four whitewater features in the Park. Hats off to Ryan and crew they have a difucult job and are doing their best to get the surf in Bend back online. 

The shop will be closed until the surf wave is up hopefully sometime in the next few days. Check back often as soon as we know the status so will you. Thanks for your patience.