Bend Oregon is set to add yet another amazing outdoor activity option to it’s already loaded quiver of recreation. On October 1st 2014 a $9.7 million project went underway to construct a whitewater park on the Deschutes River just downstream from the Colorado Damn Bridge in Bend Oregon. Set to open at the end of June 2015 this park will operate year round and feature four separate waves to accommodate a wide variety of river sports. The waves are controlled with underwater pneumatic bladders allowing wave technicians to custom shape each wave. With four separate waves the technicians will build custom shapes for kayaks, SUPs, boogie boarders and surfers. This is an ideal situation since surfers are usually at odds with kayakers when it comes to wave shapes. Surfers typically prefer the smooth “green” waves and kayakers like whitewashed “holes” this can create conflict at older parks with only a few wave options. The new park will be channeled out to serve safe passage for casual floaters and wildlife. The new park will also feature a riverfront park, terraced viewing area and the footbridge is too be widened for additional spectating. With this exciting project in place it’s pretty safe to say Bend is going to become surf central in Oregon. For progress on the wave construction check with the Bend Paddle Alliance

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